Roman Blind

Roman Blind Instructions

Measure window length (l) and width (w) if putting blind inside window.

If putting blind on outside measure length (l) and width (w) of the actual blind. Included in this is baton depth.

Cut main piece (l+3”) x (w+5”)
Cut lining l x (w-3”)

Use ½” seam allowance.

Sew lining to main, right sides together with lining placed ½” down from the top. Sew both sides top to bottom.
2. Press seams open and turn right way round.
3. Press the blind ensuring the sides are even. There should be 2” of the main fabric on the back at each side.
Turn the top down ½”, pin and press. Pin the female side (fluffy) over the raw edge, with the bottom of the Velcro being 1” from the folded top. Tuck the ends in and sew on.
5. Turn the hem up 2½”. Check the length of the blind and adjust if needed.
6. Pin along the bottom and press.
Turn down top of hem ½”, pin and press.
Sew hem all the way round, including the sides. Leaving a 2” gap on the top on the right hand side. As you look at the back of the blind this is the left hand side!
Now make these calculations
a = (l-1) / 4½
b = (l-1)-(4a)
(b should be just over half of a) Check that 4 times a plus b equals the length of the blind less 1”. Sorry you thought you’d left algebra in school!
Mark the lines across the blind, from the bottom, up b, then up a, a, a, leaving a gap of a.
Cut 4 lengths of Roman Blind Tape, each 1” longer that the width of the blind.
From the left hand side of the blind (if you are looking at the back then it is the right hand side) sew tape along this line, with the line on the tap towards the bottom of the blind. The tape should be above the line and you are sewing along the bottom of the tape. Fold over the first ½”. At the end (the right hand side) stop sewing ½” from the end. Leaving the end of the tapes open. These will be sewn closed when the rods have been put in.

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