Skye Wrap Making Weekend

Skye Wrap


For those of you wanting to make a Skye Wrap on our next Sewcial Sunday, I have some tweed and wool fabric in my stash that I am offering for sale. The tweed and wool fabric I would like donations for and the charity that I am supporting this year is The Woodhead Mountain Rescue. The prices below are for three coconut buttons and lining fabric.

The first is a camel coloured felted wool and I have enough for only one wrap.

Here it is teamed with sky blue buttons and a batik, cost £10.50


Red buttons and Blue Floral from Art Gallery Fabrics Sonata, cost £15.00


The second fabric is a beautiful tweed with autumnal colours in a grey background. I have enough of this for two wraps.

Here it is matched to natural buttons and Liten Ditsy from Art Gallery Fabrics, cost £15.00:


Bright Red buttons and Makower Linea, cost £12.50:


How about going more autumnal with orange buttons and orange Linea, same cost of £12.50:


The third fabric is a multicoloured tweed (I have enough for 4 wraps), this zingy fabric deserves to have a bright lining, these are all from the Linea Makower range, so the cost for 3 buttons and the fabric is £12.50. Here are just three colour ranges that I can think of:




Which one would you choose?

Remember, the cost is for the buttons and lining and not for the tweed or wool fabric. I am looking for donations for the wool and tweed fabric and all donations will go to the Woodhead Mountain Rescue. So even if you give a donation of £5.00 for the tweed or wool fabric, you will have a beautiful wrap for £20.00 or less.

Happy Skye Wrapping


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