Summer House Cushions Finished

If I have been quiet it is because hubby has locked me in my sewing room until I finished the cushion covers for the summer house.

Here they are:


I haven't bothered pattern matching the main seat covers, and to help, hubby did cut them out. On the scatter cushions, I have fussy cut so that the best pictures show on the front.

To say that I was bored was an understatement. I calculated that in total I stitched for 1.5 km. I could be Olympic champion!

Everyone I have shown them to have loved them, even so much so that they have asked me to make some. I am going to over quote the price, as I hate doing them!!!

Creativity will now resume. Now where are my Gertie dress patterns?

Penistone Arts and Crafts Market

I’ve finally taken the plunge and started a market stall. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had the courage. Last Saturday was encouraging and I’m looking forward to doing more.

With my limited supply of haberdashery, people who have been missing their old haberdashery store welcomed me. It closed in Penistone some time ago and unless you want to travel the (huge) 8 miles into town and pay for parking or a bus or train, people don’t bother.

As always, I did lots of research and hubby helped with building some display. My best seller was definitely my ribbon bundles. At 50p for 3m they were hot cakes! I've been doing some research, and I did what they said, and put these at the front of my stall, I even arranged them into a rainbow. Another success was my zips. I used a picnic basket to drape them and their colours attracted lots of people.

In my stash of finished things, were a couple of bright pink aprons and they were very eye catching. But not for very long! Strange really, as I have had these for over 5 years and up until now, no one has fancied them.

My kits are not selling. But this is something I can work on. As I can include these in further lessons later.

For now, I think I may have the right mix of things. Plenty of habi and a smattering of things I have made. I will try and use up my stash first to make things to sell. But, my resolve broke yesterday as I did buy 10m’s of fabric. Sewing related and Panda related of course!

So come and see what I have been up to and visit Penistone.

I will be attending the market on the following days:

Saturday 15
th July 2017
Saturday 16
th September 2017
Saturday 18
th November 2017

Please come along. Park in Tesco’s car park and we are in the barn.