Going forward

It has come to that time of year when we all start to think about what we have done and what we would like to do in the future. I’m no exception and I have been making forward plans.
For me, my life is filled with sewing and making. So it won't be any surprise to you that I intend to sew more next year and to bring you more workshops and classes.
As for my own sewing, this year I have completed (some items started life some time ago) 38 sewing projects, these are 4 quilts; 2 cushion covers; 12 items of clothing; 6 bags; 2 items of kids clothes; 5 sunglasses cases and 7 other miscellaneous items.
But for me it is not the quantity, but the value they bring. I have found that the crafty community are a generous bunch and we tend to make things for other people. Of the 38 items I have made 7 went to other people as presents.
Many of you know that I have had a challenging year, and I am so grateful to you all for sticking by me. Part of my future plans are therefore to get classes back up and running, but this won’t be easy. Due to my ill health I am currently under scrutiny in my day job. I am being monitored for my capability to perform my current roll. This takes time and I need to devote my energies to it. This will mean that my usual Tuesday evening classes will be not, unfortunately be starting in January 2020. But, don’t worry, they will be back and I will let you know in due course.
One thing that has gone from strength to strength and, I for one really enjoy, is the now monthly Sunday Sewcials. These are every third Sunday of the month and are for sitting and sewing. I do not provide tuition on this day, as I will be sewing myself, but help is always available. Due to their popularity, these are now a ticket only event and will be published monthly on Eventbrite. Best thing to do, is to log onto Eventbrite, search for Sewcial Sunday, then like me and choose to have updates when I publish a class.
I am presently seeking alternative places to hold classes and workshops and hope in the near future to bring you tailored classes, hopefully in bag making; patchwork and quilting; soft furnishing; and of course, garment making. Again these tickets will be going on Eventbrite.
I have just one more fact to tell you. In 2019, you bought 15 miles of thread from me. Which is the equivalent of me travelling to Barnsley and back. Thank you so much for your continued support and custom over the last year.
All that is left for me to say is:

May your heart be joy-filled
your life sew-blessed


My Makes in Summer 2017

I have been very busy over the last three months, so haven't had time to write in my blog.

Starting in September, I have started to have a market stall every week, so for this I have been busy making things to sell along side my haberdashery. Aprons are easy and are a great seller, so I have made several varieties.

Shirts made into aprons:



Reversible aprons for children:



Egg collecting aprons:


Chef’s aprons:


Make-up or cosmetic bags that are waterproof lined:


Also fully waterproof toiletry and make-up bag combo:


Bags are always a favourite of mine. So a messenger bag with Alexandra Henry Sugar Skulls fabric:


Also, bags for dog walkers. The small ones are snap closured, with a detachable wrist strap. The green one with dogs, I have only just finished, this has many pockets and a cross body strap:


Halloween has been and gone and a couple of these cheeky bats have made a new home:


With winter on the horizon, I have made a stack of bowl cosies. A couple of these have made it to our kitchen and are great for home made soup:


Other things I have made for us include, a panda insulated lunch bag for me, a waterproof treat pouch for hubby and I finished the Sashiko/indigo quilt:


But by no means last, presents for friends, a cat pencil case and coin case for my cat mad friend and a felt cake for Café Crème – gluten free and vegan to boot!


I have thoroughly enjoyed making these and have many more items that will be coming out of my sewing room. So why not come and check my market stall or my Etsy page?