New Shoes

When you have somewhere special to go, what do you buy first? The dress or the shoes?

Most of you buy the dress and then accessorise after. What if you had small feet? What if your feet were only a size three? Well, there is my dilemma, being 5' 6" tall, big busted and with small feet I have to get my shoes first. I know what you are saying, there are always loads of size 3 shoes on sale, but be honest have you seen them. How can I wear 3" heels? My feet are too small, my bust is too large and I'm too tall!

In September I will be presented with my long service and good conduct medal for having worked for local government for 21 years and, obviously, I am going to need a new outfit. In mind I have a 1950's wiggle dress. But maybe not too wiggly as I will be in full view of everyone. My latest shoe brand that I have taken to wearing is Ruby Shoo. They have ankle straps and come in a size 3. Colours that I wear that suit my complexion are dark blue, emerald green, fuchsia pink and burgundy.

Pasted Graphic

These are just perfect, ok they have a high heel - but that will make me wiggle!

Now, I'm off to buy some wool crepe.