Strange Times

Carrying on from my previous blog, I can see I had lots of dreams and ambitions for this year. Who didn’t? How many of you, reading this (either in the present time or the future) have had their lives changed? Mine certainly has.
In February of this year my hubby and I went skiing, as is usual for us. How were we to know the week after we got back the world would stop, lives were to be changed forever and we had to get used to a new way of living. Many people were now confined to their homes, those that had to work, had to change everything they did, the air became cleaner, the birds sang louder and new friendships were created through necessity. Everyone now had time, but we were isolated and many were lonely.
For me I had to stay at work. Driving to work I very few if any vehicles on the road, car parks were empty, my lunchtimes were spent sat in the middle of a deserted town. No shops were open and I couldn’t sit in a coffee shop drinking coffee watching people go by. Coffee shops were closed and there were no people, even the pigeons had stopped visiting the town centre, why should they visit when there was no food left for them?
My Tuesday night classes started back up in February, only to then stop in March. As an essential worker, I continued to work and was still waiting for redeployment to another position. This happened in May. I now work Monday to Friday and have the weekends off. This was exactly what I wanted, so that I could continue with my sewing teaching and to start selling on the markets again. But with so many restrictions, this wasn’t to happen just yet.

New Beginnings

I decided to go online, I have transferred all of my fabric, haberdashery, tools and kits to Ecwid, an online selling platform. This is linked to this website and can be found in the Shop page. But this was not an easy thing to accomplish. My website (this one you are reading) went down in March and only came back online on 3rd August. I’m now going to be super busy putting content on this website.

As lock down has begun to ease, I have signed up for the Craft Fair at Fox Valley in Sheffield. The first one I attended was on the 2nd August and, for me, was a huge success. The next one is Sunday 6th September 2020, so hope to see you there?