The finished Bags

Last night the girls came to St John's Community Centre and finished their bags.


Don't they look great!

Cafe Creme

The classes at Café Crème kicked off with my Tote Bag. It looks stunning when done, but is easy to make.

Although only three in the class, we had a great time. One student I already knew and hopefully I made a good impression on the two newbies.

One of them used one of the social sewing machines and (I think) really enjoyed her self. They didn’t quite finish them in time, but that was my fault as the kit had a piece missing. But to make up for it I have invited them to Tuesday night (for free) to finish it off.


Just love the fairy lights. Karen's coffee and cake also went down very well.

Next class at Cafe Creme is on 22nd March and will be Beginners Patchwork.